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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, also known as Jiu-jitsu or BJJ, translates from Japanese as "gentle art".

This martial art style has developed over time to enable "the little guy" to defeat "the giant" using physical mechanics to prevent attack and resist defeat.

BJJ is game which uses a safety mechanism called "tapping out" to ensure no player gets hurt.

The objective of the game is to become dominant over your opponent. This game of strategy uses knowledge of your own body and the movements of your opponent to gain a dominant position. You roll with an opponent until one person taps out or until you run out of time, then the game finishes. 


This is key to why it is so safe for everybody to play. It's a submission game so be ready to submit! 

This doesn't mean you are weak or stupid.

Even black belts tap out all the time.

It's how we learn and practice. 

You are in control of when it stops and will not let yourself get hurt. You submit by "tapping out". This does not mean you have lost! It means you have the opportunity to learn something new.


This safety mechanism involves mutual respect, making this the most appealing martial art to all ages, shapes, sizes and physical abilities.


It is a fantastic form of self-defence due to it's nature.


Rolling regularly with large and small opponents increases your confidence and ability to defend yourself. It reduces stress, it's great fun and is a fantastic workout, burning 1000 calories per hour. 

 Through attending regular classes you will find your body changes and so does your mental attitude.  

You will become leaner, stronger and more flexible without even realising it... because you're having so much fun!

Every player is a black belt in the making.

Mastering the fundamental basics of BJJ over time will allow you to progress through the belt system.  

Each session is a learning experience for each and every player, regardless of their ranking.

Players come to learn and progress.  You can play a key part in the natural growth of our club and in the individuals that

come together here.

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