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This is a members only club.  Membership is required in order to train with us. On becoming a member you are required to pay for insurance annually and a one-off joining fee. You must also complete and sign a medical disclaimer BEFORE training is permitted to ensure student safety and to protect club liability.


To help make Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) accessible to everyone we offer a range of memberships to suit your budget and availability.

Membership is on a NO CONTRACT basis, however you are required to pay for a full month following notice given if you wish to cancel or to move to a lower membership level.

*Gi jacket and belt can be borrowed for a £5 laundering fee*


£30 each per annum (all ages)

JOINING FEE £60 (all ages)


2 months unlimited classes

New Gi and Belt

Joining fee waived

Discounted Privates with Savio


1 Kids Class £30 per month

1 Class per week £40 per month

2 Classes per week £60 per month


Unlimited classes £80 per month


PRIVATES (one-to-one with Savio)

1 hour (non-members) £70

Discounted Privates for members

Payments to: NS Marine Ltd

60-24-32 13049178

(Reference: YourNameBJJ)

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