• Savio Aragona

3 tips to maximise your BJJ training sessions

Whether you train twice a week or twice a day, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is incredibly demanding on the body.

In order to improve your training performance you will need to improve your recovery in between sessions.

Recovery involves nutrition, sleep and mobility.

1. Nutrition Match your intake to your activity level... so if you train hard you can eat more than on a less active day. Have a small carb snack before training like a banana. Eat lean protein and carbs within an hour of training then again after the hour.

2. Sleep Getting to sleep after a late session may be tough but studies show carbs help lower the cortisol levels to help induce sleep. Magnesium supplements may also help.

3. Mobility Use a foam roller for 2 minutes on each part of the back, legs, arms and shoulders. Then after training do some active stretches for your hips and shoulders to prevent cramp.

Conclusion: What you do outside of the dojo is just as important as what you do inside. Give your nutrition priority, get plenty of sleep and add mobilisation to your routine. Your training session will suffer if you haven’t recovered properly from the last one.

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